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Voice Kids 5: The youngest Emma, ​​Ismael and Lili win during the battles


Friday, November 9, 2018, Voice children 5 proposed the 5th edition, devoted wrestling on TF1 at 21h. The coaches facing Jenifer, Amel Bent, Soprano and Patrick Fiori, talents recruited during blind auditions aged between 7 and 15 did everything they could to save their coaches.

broadcasting Voice children 5 on Friday, November 9, 2018.


Tristan, Mathilde and Lili

For this first trio, the coach gathered three young rock talents: Tristan, Mathilde and Lili. The coach decided to oppose a song he loves The Times Signal from Harry Styles, the former member of a single line. If Tristan is not immediately enthusiastic during rehearsals, he quickly recognizes that the play is very beautiful. Alchemy is present among the three singers in the making … A beautiful moment in perspective!

Once on stage, it is Tristan who opens the ball accurately, followed by his comrades. However, Mathilde's voice seems to be the one that captures the coaches most. Amel Bent is under the spell! Patrick Fiori, after the show, says he will keep Lili, Amel Bent and Soprano together with Mathilde.

Jenifer decides to keep Lili.


Elodie, Ishmael and Maëlysse

This 11 year old trio impresses the coach with his incredible vocal skills. For the coach, Maëlysse is very pro, Ismael is a soulman old fashion and Elodie has a great grace due to his pure and moving voice. Amel chose to oppose I'll be there 5. During the very promising rehearsals, Amel advised Ismael not to make too many vibrations in order not to hurt the emotion.

On the stage, the three teenagers are incredible as their voices are mastered. No fake note of deference, impeccable voice effects … The soprano and his companions celebrate this show. The choice promises to be very difficult for the coach. "You'll be upset"loses Patrick Fiori.Soprano, Jenifer and Patrick Fiori will keep Ishmael.

Amel Bent decides to keep Ishmael.

Nassim, Hindi and Zoe

She chose to form this trio because these three young people are, according to her, some smugglers of emotions. So when she announces her talent, she chose to resist her in the super-dance tube I found love from Rihanna, the amazement feels. The coach does not disassemble and chooses his choice, he relies on Nassim, Hindi and Zoe to make melancholy. An accepted challenge! During the rehearsals, Amel hears some beautiful things darkness as he wishes …

Once on the stage, as expected, the first part of the play moves with a delicate interpretation, and when the choir begins, the show is energetic. Coaches and public dance. Patrick Fiori, Soprano and Jenifer will keep Nassim.

Amel Bent decides to continue with Hindi.


Madison, Morgan, and Talisa

The soprano has decided to oppose it because it finds a common channel, despite their different styles. Madison, the shy that is revealed on stage thanks to her "crazy stream"Talis showgirl easily on stage and Morgan, the talented young man, to communicate emotions. The coach decided to oppose It feels from Calvin Harris. Talents are very happy with this choice! The soprano advises Talisa not to lose her horses too fast and asks Madison to stand up in this trio.

Once on stage, trio is the show and energy is incontestable at the meeting. Groove, a little opera, voices that agree … This is a very balanced proposal. "I like"soprano lost at the end of the show Patrick Fiori prefers Morgan, Jenifer and Amel Bent to prefer Madison.

Soprano decides to continue with Madison.

Marie, Emma and Enzo

The soprano decided to oppose this trio of a cult title of the French repertoire, All the cries, SOS Daniel Balavoine. Children are delighted with this choice, which will allow them to show their talents and emotions. During the rehearsals, Soprano asks Emma (the youngest of the contest!). To channel her energy, Mary continues to be such a good student and Enzo uses her chest more.

On the stage, complicity among the young singers is palpable. Enzo is kind to her classmates and serves as a link between female voices. Little Emma connects notes easily with disconcerting! "I'm proud of you, she's beautiful"Soprano says Amel Bent will keep Marie, Patrick Fiori will continue with Enzo, and Jenifer would prefer Emma.

Soprano decides to continue the competition with Emma.


Carla, Lena and Alexandru

Patrick Fiori has decided to oppose it because he believes there are things buried in these three talents there. To help them express themselves, the coach decided to make them fight against the title A man standing Claudio Capéo. During the rehearsals, he asks Lena to smile less, because the subject of the song does not necessarily allow him, is very seduced by the artist Alexander and asks Carla to work on his debit.

Once on the stage, Alexandre and Carla seemed to be particularly attractive to their coaches. Carla overlaps emotion and intensity, and Alexandre perfectly controls his almost scarred parts. Amel Bent will keep Alexander, Jenifer and Soprano away with Carla.

Patrick Fiori decides to continue with Carla.

Team Summary

Jenifer : Lili

Amel Bent : Ishmael, Hindi

soprano : Emma, ​​Madison

Patrick Fiori : Carla

Voice children 5is every Friday at 21 o'clock on TF1.

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