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Actor, writer and director Joel Barcelos dies at the age of 81 – Diario de Grande ABC

10/11/2018 | 7:27 p.m.

Actor Joel Barcelos died in the early hours of Saturday, 10 years, at the age of 81, in the city of Rio das Ostras, inside Rio de Janeiro, according to the UOL portal. The cause of Barcelos's death has not yet been revealed, but in the past two years the actor has already suffered two strokes.

One of Barcelos's most famous roles was Chico Belo, from the Mulleres de Areia telenovela in 1993. However, his most notable contribution as an actor was on the big screen.

Barcelos marked the era as one of the main names of the new Brazilian cinema. He starred in Favela's short five-part track (1962) and Os Fuzis (1964), one of Ruy Guerra's most relevant films; The Deceased (1965), adaptation of Nelson Rodrigues by Leon Hirszman; The girl at Ipanema (1967), also by Hirszman; and Copacabana me Engana (1968), by Antonio Carlos da Fontoura, among others.

In 1969, during the military dictatorship, Barcelos went to exile in Italy, where he will return only in the mid-1970s when he interpreted in Sagarana, Duel (1974) by Paulo Thiago, inspired by a short story by Guimarães Rosa.

Born in Vitoria, the capital of Espírito Santo, on November 27, 1936, Barcelos was actor, director and screenwriter of movies such as King of the Miracles (1971) and Paradise in Hell (1977).

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