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After a beating, Thiago makes a joke while displaying Bruno Gagliasso's prints beginning to follow Haddad on Twitter


It seems that the climate between the Gagliasso brothers has not yet cooled. On Saturday, 17th, the fight between the two won another chapter.

In Instagram, Thiago has shared a print that seems to be Bruno Gagliasso would have begun to follow Fernando Haddad on Twtitter. In the photo, it is possible to see the screen in an electronic game and, in addition, the notification that made the actor to consider Gabriel's performance in The Seventh Guardian.

"I swear I was in peace … and I stuck it! And I went to play a PUBG! Pedro Tourinho (businessman and godfather of Titi) and his companion followed the character of Haddad! ", Wrote in legend, besides adding hashtag #Instagram # is #posto #oquequiser.

In October, Thiago fought with Giovanna Ewbank, his brother's wife. At the time, they did not like any blond accusations. He exposed the conversation in his social network and also countered the criticisms made by his mother titi.

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