Saturday , May 28 2022

Decisively to Bahia, Accommodations completes 150 Atlântico shirt games


Alexandre Guzanshe / EM D. Press
The midfielder Juan Acosta finished 150 games on Saturday with Atlântico's shirt. He scored the winning goal on Bahia, 1-0, in Independence, for the 35th Brazilian championship. In the first half of the second semester of the second semester, the Ecuadorian player received assistance from the Colombian team Char, who set the ball in the penalty area and hit the corner to the left of Douglas Friedrich goalkeeper goal see the video below).

In addition to the target, Bedas was responsible for building theater plays and was the team's escape valve during Bahia's heavy marking times. Fit Footstats, shirt 10 was in the second position in possession of the ball in the Rooster team. He spent 5.7% of the under-under-under-under-under-under-under-under-under-floor game with a 7.21% rate.

"I always want to do everything I can, sometimes it does not happen the way I want it, but I always try to run, do something and help my colleagues." Today I won, so I'm happy, "said the midfielder in an interview granted to the channel premiere after departure.

Due to Cazares' goal, Atlântico maintained the sixth place in Brazil, now 53 points, behind the seventh, Atltico-PR. Albirroja will secure a place in the Copa Libertadores preliminary stage in 2019. Ecuadorian has achieved a maximum concentration in the last duel, against Internacional (outside), Santos (outside) and Botafogo (home). "There are three remaining games. Let's have the life to look for the Liberators holiday."

At the age of 26, Cazares was the third stranger who wore the Atlântico shirt, just below Benito Fantoni (185) and the Ukrainian Cincunegui (194). Juani, as a known midfielder, ranks second among the gringos, with more goals for the club. With 27 goals, he only lost to striker Lucas Pratto, who scored 42 goals.