Tuesday , January 26 2021

Dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies in northern Rio – News

Rio City Council will vaccinate dogs and rabbits without cats this Saturday (10) in the northern Rio de Janeiro area. Stations will be scattered in dozens of neighborhoods, such as Méier, Iraja and Vila da Penha. The goal of the campaign is to immunize 500,000 animals.

In addition to fixed stations, five combis will run on hard-to-reach premises on Saturdays in the Maré, Manguinhos, New Holland and Jacarezinho communities.

The action began on October 20 and, according to the Department of Municipal Health, already vaccinated nearly 70,000 animals.

Addresses are available on the health surveillance site.

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Animals with aggressive temperament should be muzzled. Symptoms such as pain at the site of vaccination, fever, and calmer behavior of the animals may occur up to 36 hours after application. Vaccines are transmitted by the Ministry of Health, responsible for procurement.


Rabies are controlled and have not been reported in 34 years of human cases in Rio but still pose a risk to the population because the city has a large number of bats, dogs and cats, the main transmitters of the virus.

Anger is a disease that compromises man's nervous system, being incurable and with a mortality rate close to 100%. It is a viral zoonosis and all mammals are susceptible to rabies virus and can transmit it. But dogs, cats and bats are the main transmitters. The vaccine is the only way to control the disease.

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