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Emilio Dantas leaves aside Beto Falcão, changes appearance and appears unrecognized – TV Spotlight


Beto Falcão (Emilio Dantas) in Second Sun (Photo: Globo / Victor Pollak)
Actor Emilio Dantas will live protagonist in the new novel of the six in the Globe.
(Photo: Globo / Victor Pollak)

The end of Beto Falcão and Miguel! Emilio Dantas, who favored Segundo Sol theater, a plot of 9, which gave birth to the seventh guard, decided to take another look after the conclusion of João Emanuel Carneiro's novel.

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The actor appeared on Friday (16) with scratched hair on his side and mustache. Whoever clicked on Instagram was barber Fernando Cannavaro, responsible for the new actor's face, who has ceased to make personal posts in his profile on the social network.

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To make the singer from Bahia, Emilio cleansed the strings a little and painted some white yarns to give a more mature air to the character.

Here's how it went:


Actor Emilio Dantas was today the "victim" of the Confidential Archives in Domingão do Faustão. In the Globo attraction, Beto Falcão de Segundo Sol received several honors, but Fabiula Nascimento attracted the most attention.

Emilio's wife and girlfriend made a real declaration of love for their lives and for an accompanying novel. "People have the gift of getting the best and the worst of you, and Emilio gets the best […] extremely loving, a partner, is my best friend. […] Nowadays it's so hard for you to want to "hurt" someone, you know? When you decide to travel with someone like this, it must be special, "the actress said.

Fabiula Nascimento left a message for Emilio Dantas (Photo: Reproduction / Globe)
Fabiula Nascimento left a message for Emilio. (Photo: Reproduction / Globe)

Emilio Dantas thanked the love his girlfriend received. "I love you very, very, very, very, and I am very happy to have you in my life, much," the actor said.

Emilio still played at a singing moment in Domingão. The boy's old band went to the stage of the program, and the actor had to see in the gogo. He also sang Bruno and Marrone duo of the country, being very applauded.

"What the people who fill their bag will have to register for him to get into it," Faustão commented.


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