Monday , September 26 2022

Farm: "One Moon," Léo prepares the surprise for Luane


The farm:

The night of last month (14) was a bit tense for participants at the Farm, Reality TV show. To break the climate, Léo Stronda decided to make a very romantic surprise for Luane Dias to celebrate the first couple of months of meeting.

The bodybuilder has prepared every detail with the help of Caíque Aguiar, João Zoli and Felipe Sertanejo. Calling Carioca outside the chair, Leo, on his knees, put a bunch of flowers, improvised for you.

As the pawn says, Caique throws rose petals on the brunette.

"We have collected all the possible flowers to prove that even the beauty of all the flowers is not compared to yours. I made a bouquet of all the flowers that I could find and even took the peacock plunger to celebrate and thank for our first month of courtesy, "shot Stronda.

Besides Caíque, pedestrians João Zoli and Felipe Sertanejo also helped the bodybuilder to honor. During the statement, the pair made a serenade singing "É o Amor", music by Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, in the background while the couple kissed.

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