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FGTS: Withdrawals of up to R $ 2,900 were issued in January; see how to receive


All the workers who joined Withdrawal of FGTS birthday I can now access the benefit. This January, the withdrawal-anniversary allows the withdrawal of a part of the balance of any account, being active or inactive of the fund every year, in the anniversary month, in exchange for not receiving a part of what is entitled in case of dismissal without just cause.

Currently, payment is made according to the schedule per month of birth. The amounts are available for withdrawal until the last working day of the second month following the acquisition of the right of withdrawal.

This month of January 2021, bags benefit for those born in November and December.

Additional withdrawal of FGTS

Do you know the amount you can receive? The amount to be paid varies depending on the balance of each account in the name of the worker. In addition to a percentage, you will receive a fixed supplement, depending on the total amount set in your account.

In addition, the amount to be withdrawn varies from 50% of the balance without an additional tranche, for accounts up to R $ 500, up to 5% of the balance and an additional R $ 2.9 thousand for accounts with more than 20 thousand R $.

The accounts are a bit complex. However, we will explain. For example, if a worker has R $ 1,450 in all FGTS accounts, it will be possible to withdraw 30% of the total, plus a portion of R $ 150. That is, the withdrawal will be R $ 570.

R $ 1,400 x 30% = R $ 420.00 + additional R $ 150 = R $ 570.00.

See table:

Equilibrium range limits Aliquot Additional plot
up to R $ 500 50%
from R $ 500.01 to R $ 1,000 40% R $ 50
from R $ 1,000.01 to R $ 5,000 30% R $ 150
from R $ 5,000.01 to R $ 10,000 20% R $ 650
from R $ 10,000.01 to R $ 15,000 15% R $ 1,150
from R $ 15,000.01 to R $ 20,000 10% R $ 1,900
over R $ 20,000.01 5% R $ 2,900

Through Caixa official website and through the FGTS app (available in the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store) you can simulate the amount you would receive and join the birthday retreat. The consultation can be done after registering and creating a password.

According to government information, the worker can choose to receive the annual installments directly into an account held by Caixa or another institution.

Withdrawal by application

With a view to reducing the demand for branch services and facilitating access to withdrawal arrangements, Federal Bank of Savings announced the launch of a digital tool that allows withdrawals. According to bank information, the application allows the withdrawal to be made in full by FGTS application.

“From now on, the worker no longer has to go to a physical service point to withdraw his FGTS resource,” said Caixa President Pedro Guimar√£es.

This way, the app update is now available for free for Android devices. The new version for iOS will be released soon.

Meanwhile, with the application, Caixa aims to reduce the demand for branch services and also to facilitate workers’ access to new forms of withdrawal, such as immediate and anniversary.


Check the birthday withdrawal calendar below, depending on the month of birth

  • January and February – withdrawals from April to June 2020;
  • March and April – withdrawals from May to July 2020;
  • May and June – withdrawals from June to August 2020;
  • July – withdrawals from July to September 2020;
  • August – withdrawals from August to October 2020;
  • September – withdrawals from September to November 2020;
  • October – withdrawals from October to December 2020;
  • November – withdrawals from November 2020 to January 2021;
  • December – withdrawals December 2020 – February 2021.

The calendar, according to Caixa, was launched in April 2020. The release program follows the end of the withdrawal period for immediate withdrawals, which ends on March 31.

About the additional FGTS withdrawal

Can the unemployed join the birthday booty?

Yes. If there is money in the idle account. Every worker, active or inactive, has the right to withdraw if a balance is available. You can check your FGTS account balance through the official website or application.

Can I choose a single account to join my birthday retreat?

No, membership is complete, ie the worker who chooses to use the new withdrawal mode will have all his accounts, active or inactive, according to the rules of the anniversary of the withdrawal. In case of unfair dismissal, access to sums is prohibited for a period of two years.

What will happen to an inactive account after successive withdrawals?

In addition, since he does not receive monthly deposits from the worker’s salary, when the inactive account balance is exhausted, the worker will no longer receive from that account, however, the method remains the same if he comes to work and opens a new account at FGTS , e.g.

When will the withdrawals be valid?

According to the Government, the amount of withdrawals is a percentage of the employee’s FGTS account balance. Subsequently, the calculation will be based on the tariff table, which also includes an additional tranche depending on the amount.

How do I get prey on my birthday?

In the case of bank account holders, it is necessary to go to a Caixa branch with personal and working documents and communicate the desire to change.

Thus, anyone with an active Caixa account can make the change without leaving home, via Internet Banking or through the Caixa application, in the “FGTS and INSS” option, followed by “FGTS Withdrawal”.

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