Friday , January 27 2023

Giovanna Ewbank celebrates 6 months of Zyan with the party honoring Bless


The youngest son of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso, Zyan is 6 months old.

And to celebrate the meeting, the couple organized another “one month” party for the baby, but this time with a theme in honor of the couple’s other son, Bless, 6 years old.

When she showed off the holiday meal, Ewbank remembered a family story during her youngest pregnancy, when she recorded a video for her YouTube channel asking for the names of Bless and Titi, the 7-year-old first, for the name baby.

Showing his creativity, the middle son proposed that the parents name his brother “Chefinho”, in reference to the movie “O Poderoso Chefinho”, a success in the world of children’s animations with a talking baby wearing a suit and tie.

In addition to remembering the story, Ewbank was pleased to comment on the rapid passage of time, distrustful that Zyan was six months old.

“There’s a baby six months ago, God, Chefinho. Take a look, our wonderful cake, I liked everything. And man, you remember, right? Why did I decide to be a cook? When I was pregnant, she said that he wants Zyan’s name to be a chef, so we decided to do it, ”the actress and presenter recalled.

“Now, can I say something else? My baby is half a year old, people, six months old. Seriously, I’m going to cry, time, calm down there, go slower, because I can’t stand it, man, it’s too fast.” she added after filming details of the decoration at the family home in Rio de Janeiro.

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