Sunday , May 29 2022

Givanildo condemns failures in defeating America but highlights team improvement in second half


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Having needed a victory to try to leave the Brazilian championship relegation zone, America did not face the international vice-president at Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre for the 34th round. Rabbit missed a lot and was defeated in the first half when he took the two goals that ended the red victory. In the second round, Givanildo Oliveira recorded an improvement in alvverde performance. However, it was not enough to take at least one rival point. Givanillo arrived in America on Monday and only had three days to start teaming and strategy for the southern duel. According to the coach who came to replace Adilson Batista, the short time and the weight of the mistakes made at the initial stage made it even more difficult for a rival to fight for the title.

"The first goal was well worked on the right side with Damio pulling and the perfect pass for him although the boy was very free to enter the area." The second goal failed us in something that can not happen, but in football, far from home, against a strong team that had to win to keep away from Palmeiras, had to hit and were locked in the first half, the second was different. I had conditions to make the first goal and to tie. It was totally different first half for the second, "he said.

"It's hard to do anything, we did a training, even shorter for the previous game. Unfortunately, we did not meet and we could bring even more goals in the first half. I talked to the group, I showed that there was even a task to change the gameplay. I was beaten, the truth is, and it changed, but unfortunately we did not get at least a tie.

If his performance in the first half was disappointing, Givanildo said he managed to see the players' reaction power and hopes to be able to put this tactical and technical form in the other four rounds of the championship. The rabbit needs four wins to get rid of sticking. With three wins, the club depends on a combination of results from rivals.

"I see for the second half It was my first game For the first time in. I will repeat, during the time I had to draw attention and show how we acted and we had to react, I did not even change. make one or two and stay with one I saw that I did not have to wait for the second round to change to 10 or 15 minutes They reacted and dominated I stayed on the top, I did not have much chances, but it was a different team, "he finished.