Thursday , February 9 2023

Have you been affected? The second largest leak in history exposes 800 million personal data


After reporting a major leak in the SKY carrier, there is a new threat to data security. A bank with 87 emails and passwords with personal information of almost 800 million people was broadcast on the internet. Who observed the exposure of these data was security researcher Troy Hunt.

Hunt's "Collection 1" contains 773 emails and 21 million passwords. It also contains 2,692,818,238 email addresses and passwords in 12,000 separate files. These files were in the MEGA online storage service and are now in a popular hacker forum.


17 Jan


13 Dec

This data represents a junction of more than 2,000 broken databases in which the firewall was broken. Depending on size, this leak is the second largest in history behind Yahoo !, which has affected 3 billion customers.

These numbers still do not accurately reflect the amount of data leaked because the researcher has made a major effort to clean up duplicate and unusable records. The raw file had 2.7 billion emails and passwords.

"What I can say is that my personal information is there and it's accurate, the correct email address and a password I've been using for many years." In short, if you are in this loop, one or more passwords that you have previously used to float for others to see. "
Troy Hunt, security researcher.

The biggest risk of a major leak comes from users who use the same login and password on multiple sites, which allows hackers to access their personal accounts. This is a reason that explains the success of password administrators.

Hunt added all emails from Site Collection 1 I was pwned, so users can find out if their personal data is on the list. You can also safely search for all passwords used to see if they have been compromised. Check if you are affected below:

If your data is on the site, it is recommended that you immediately change your account access key and change it periodically. It's also worth activating two-factor authentication for all services that have this feature.

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