Thursday , February 9 2023

How to get the checkmark on Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most desired "awards" of any person, personality or business that has an account on the social network. After all, having the check mark is a prestigious position that puts the profile on a platter "above" the others – in addition to protecting it from any false profiles that might try to get past you to apply the deceivers and cheat followers.

But getting this "quality seal" from Instagram is not a simple task and many people – especially the so-called "influencers" – have been frustrated every day by the fact that Instagram moderation does not provide profiles, has millions of followers. And it was to explain why this is happening: Fabiano de Abreu, a journalist and businessman acting as CEO of MF Press (a press and social media company with offices in Brazil, Portugal and the United States) The channel YouTube, where it reveals why some accounts are checked, and others do not.

According to the journalist, it should be remembered that the Instagram check mark is not a prize for followers, but something that proves that you or your company are an authority in your domain, a real public figure. And to prove that if you are a public figure, the number of followers is a little bit important – because all of Instagram can buy followers and have thousands of people who enjoy their publications – but it's important to prove Instagram that you are famous.

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To this end, MF Press Global CEO has a strategy he considers to be virtually infallible: along with the verification seal request, he sends a series of links and issues where the name of his person or shop is quoted in the press. And no, it's not worth quoting on Neighbor's blog or on the grandson's Minecraft Channel; must be a "real" press or, in this case, large newspapers, magazines, TV shows or websites and portals. According to Abreu, this is the best way to show Instagram that you or your business is worthwhile, and demonstrating that the social network will invariably put your verification profile at your disposal. And he knows what he's talking about: after all, his media company is the one that came up with most of the stamp verification requests on Instagram in the world, and by this method the success rate was almost complete.

The journalist also warns that people are "fleeing" from companies that say they answer Instagram or Facebook (who owns Instagram), or from professionals claiming to work for the social network and get the seal of verification through "symbolic ". He warns that no company responds via Facebook and that there are no employees to facilitate the purchase of the seal by paying a sum of money and that they are just scammers trying to take advantage of people's lack of knowledge to make money easy.

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