Saturday , October 1 2022

"I do not really love because I do not," jokes Aguiar about her first daughter


Arthur Aguiar will participate in "Malhação: Vidas brasileiras". The actor will play Fábio, the son of a farmer of Miguel Pereira, in Rio de Janeiro.

"He's a bad boy and a bad temper." His story is related to Camilla's (Lorena Comparato), who claims to be in charge of Márcio (André Luiz Frambach), and they can not go any farther to ruin the surprise.

Participating in Patrícia Moretzsohn's plot will mark Arthur's return to the novel after four years. He was in the 2014 season as Duca fighter.

– It will be a quick, but very intense participation. I'm very happy to come back. Even more so now that I am in another moment of my life, more experienced.

In addition to the novelty of his career, the actor just became a father. Sophia, the fruit of her relationship with life coach Mayra Cardi, was born on 20.

"The hardest part of those days was to leave the house to work and have to stay away, do everything, you just do not love because you do not." At dawn, I make the bottle of milk that Mayra takes during the day. we are sleeping less, because the beginning is complicated but also very pleasant Mayra is a mother-in-law, I'm bored to see them both, "he says, adding that life has changed with paternity.

– I feel easier. I always say that the birth of a child is a rebirth for the parents. Today, inevitably, we first think of it. We think about how our decisions will have an impact on her life.

The newborn already has an Instagram profile with over 400,000 followers:

"Let's just share a few moments in Sofia's life, it will not be overexposure, many people complain that we have not yet shown our face, but she is very young, and we need to have good sense and sense.

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