Wednesday , May 31 2023

Maísa rejects the stalker comment in the photo: "Disgusting"


Maísa rejects the stalker commentary in the photo:

Maisa Silva also liked most of the celebrities and took advantage of the holiday to relax a little. The 16-year-old actress and presenter has posted a rare bikini photo and even played legendary.

"The younger brother and the sweet girl, because I was a disgust with this sun. The beach with my friends is all I need," he said.

She has received many awards, such as: "Maisinha, you are an icon," Wonderful, "" But it is indeed a real queen. "

However, among so many positive comments, one of them went completely out of bounds, harassing Maísa, a minor. "The chain should not be so bad," he wrote, referring to the pedophilia sentence.

Among other comments that repressed what the Internet user said: Maisa herself commented, "I hope you rot there." Disgusting, "Maisa shot." These types of comments are not tolerated, "he said.

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