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Mariana Goldfarb talks about Reymond's reconciliation

Mariana Goldfarb and Cau Reymond / Instagram
Mariana Goldfarb and Cau Reymond / Instagram

Mariana Goldfarb participated Tuesday (6) at a C & A party held in Bar dos Arcos, in the underground of the Municipal Theater in São Paulo.

Visibly happy, the model and the host talked about reconciliation with the actor Search for Reymond.

"I'm happy, my heart is fine, thank God, we love each other," she said in an interview with Quem.

The rumor that the young man reopened dating a few weeks ago when the actor and model met at Arraial do Cabo in the Lagos region of Rio, where he was filming "Dom Pedro". The record made by a group of fans in the City's Cultural and Gastronomic Center. In addition, actress Flavia Alessandra's mother Rachel Costa has also come to prove that the couple was together.

But the confirmation was reinforced after Mariana posted a video about her social networking with her six-year-old daughter, Sofia and a swing. Soon after, it was the actor's turn to post videos of the time spent during the holiday.

And Mariana and they have closed their yard for two years and five months in August. The two have been together since March 2016.


Mariana Goldfarb posted a hot shot on her profile on Instagram and took the opportunity to send a clue.

"Just one of the many uses of the language, rather than talking badly about others," she writes in the picture legend. The photo is, however, from the @theloversanddriftersclub profile.

Even marking the photograph, many followers thought the woman in the picture was the model, and the neck was the actor Reymonond. See the publication!


Mariana Goldfarb showed the bronze of the day and the sardines in the front with a common click on Instagram. In yellow bikinis and hair detached, Cauam's girlfriend, Reymond, wore a scabbard on her neck.

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Mariana Goldfarb / Instagram

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