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November alerts Blue Animal for prostate cancer in dogs and cats


Manaus – Prostate cancer does not choose a race or size so that the Amazonas Baptist High School (Esbam) will organize the third Blue Pet of Esbam campaign on 23 November between 9 am and 12 pm, which aims to provide guidelines and assessments for pet animals such as dogs and cats.

Campaign will count on free screening and physical examination of animals (Photo: Divulgação / Esbam)

The main objective of the campaign is to educate pet owners about prostate cancer and the importance of screening because many people do not know this subject and therefore end up not taking the necessary care with pets over for to avoid diseases in old age.

The Esbam Veterinary Clinic (CliniVet) coordinator, Professor Daniel José Hoffmann, warns of the importance of addressing this issue. He points out that, despite being a much less common type of cancer in companion animals than in humans, prostate cancer is still more common in dogs than in cats and mainly affects animals aged between seven and 15 years of age age.

Although prostate cancer is not the most common prostate abnormality in pet animals, the prostate can also develop other common conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatic cysts, and inflammatory processes of the prostate. These animals have several different clinical signs such as abdominal pain, urination / defecation difficulties and changes in size and / or shape in the testicles. Treatment can be done by castration, medication, or even surgical intervention as appropriate, "explains the veterinarian.

Hoffmann points out that dog and cat owners must be vigilant about prostate tumors in addition to frequent examinations that are of paramount importance for early detection of disease and treatment. "Here at CliniVet, what we often see is the demand for veterinary care when the disease is already underway, with clearer clinical signs, making it difficult to treat and cure. That's why Esbam is launching the November Azul campaign Pet "to promote a better quality of life for pets," said the veterinarian.

The Esbam CliniVet Coordinator also explains that when the animals are not castrated, the prostate can undergo hormonal changes and develop cancer. "With age, the testicles hormones begin to work irregularly, stimulating the prostate to suffer an increase in size and shape as well as changes in its texture. Normally, dogs over eight years that are not castrated, regardless of race or size, develop this disease, "says the veterinarian, noting that prostate cancer can be cured if detected early.

Blue Night

On November 17, the "World Day for the Fight of Prostate Cancer" is celebrated and for this reason the month has been chosen for disease prevention campaigns, including pets. In this regard, Esbam College, which was the first private higher education institution (IES) to bring Veterinary Medicine to Manaus, is campaigning to prevent prostate cancer in pet animals.

"It is an Esbam Academic Extension project that is offered to the community free of charge and aims to bring in-built knowledge together with teachers and pupils to those responsible for pets. In addition, the campaign also offers students the opportunity to add more knowledge, putting into practice the entire content gained in the class because this type of event allows the academician to have contact with the situations he faces day by day of the profession, "explains the coordinator of the veterinary medicine course, Professor José Allan Araújo.

The third Esbam Blue Night Campaign will count on the following activities: free physical examination and examination of animals, guiding and distributing gifts, delivery of informative dossiers and free complementary tests for suspected cases.

Once the disease has been diagnosed, an ultrasound and X-ray will be given to the animal responsible for imaging other organs to check the possibility of metastasis. In this way, the owner of the animal will receive the necessary procedures to remove the tumor as soon as possible, "explains Jose Allan, who is also a veterinarian.

The "Esbam Pet Blue November" campaign is free of charge and takes place at Esbam's CliniVet, located at Rua Rodrigues Torres, 292, Conjunto Abílio Nery, Adrianópolis, the southern central area of ​​Manaus. More information by phone: (92) 3305-1809.

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