Wednesday , August 17 2022

Passengers curse Latam employees at the SP Airport, and viral video


A video about a discussion between missed passengers and Latam employees at Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo has become viral on social networks in recent days. The images show a couple with the high spirits who curse and threaten those who travel in the airline, complaining that they wait for more than an hour at the ticket booth.

The case took place on November 7, according to Latam. One of the videos shared on Tuesday already adds more than 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours. With profane and homophobic crimes, the man and the woman who made an airport connection cry out to the officials.

– You're not a man. You are a deer. Talk to me there, "says the passenger, who pretends to have priority, and that his wife is pregnant.

He even threatens one of the airline's employees:

"I will take you from there, because you are a man there," he says, exalted.

At another time, other passengers break documents from a printer:

"You give yourself too much time to be upset, you have to print these p from these expeditions from others." We are here in the greatest patience, in the greatest education, we are here for a while, "says the woman, with shortly before breaking the printed tickets.

A child accompanying the couple appears in pictures and, at different times, tries to calm the two passengers, who continue to curse those accompanied by the company.

Latam said that passengers were delayed at the airport transfer counter, although the initial flight landed in Guarulhos earlier than scheduled. The airline says it offered accommodation on the next available flight.

In a statement, the company stressed that "its employees, even in the face of an emergency situation with their clients, have kept their calm and sought to provide care at all times" and "regretted and sensitized to the situation on which their employees have in this service and believes that dialogue is the best way to serve customers with professionalism, security and attention. "

EXTRA sought the police station and the military police at Guarulhos Airport. Corporations reported that they were not triggered.

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