Friday , January 27 2023

PCdoB goes to Supreme's weapon decree against Bolsonaro's political


PCdoB entered the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on Thursday (17), questioning the decree of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, which facilitates the possession of firearms. The legend of the opposition asked the court a ban (interim decision) to suspend several provisions of the decree until the merits of the trial are judged by the plenary of the Supreme Court.

The rapporteur for the STF action will be Minister Celso de Mello, who will only return from the theft of the judiciary on February 1.

According to the opposition party, there was "the abuse of the regulatory power" of the Executive because it would be for parliament to legislate on this issue.

"This circumstance causes the formal unconstitutionality of devices," says the statement of action.

The decree signed on Tuesday (15) by Bolsonaro on Tuesday (15) makes it easier to obtain the right to possess firearms.

Possession is the authorization to keep a firearm at home or at work (provided that the firearm owner is the legal guardian of the facility).

The text of the Decree allows citizens living in urban or rural areas to keep firearms at home, provided they meet the requirements of "effective need," to be examined by the Federal Police.

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