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Simaria returns on stage with Simone and records a new DVD in Sao Paulo. Photos


Simaria interrupted her lymph node tuberculosis treatment center and recorded her new sister DVD, "Squeeze the Game," with her sister, Simone, on Wednesday (21) in São Paulo. Sertanejas took the scene and sang with Ludmilla, Luan Santana and Leo Santana. "Thank God you gave me this pearl, who is my sister," celebrated Simone. "I thank you all who prayed for me, how wonderful it is to be here," Simaria said.

Singer explains the choice of DVD name: "To start over"

Previously, on Instagram, the singer celebrated the return to performances: "There have been many productive, composing, repetitive days with our wonderful band! Even with all the difficulties I have had, this is the work that helped me get up and have made to smile even more for life! " Simaria, who suffers from the side-effects of remedies, also explained why "Press the Play" is the title of the new paper: "The choice of the name of this new work has to do with the moment my sister and I live." Push game "- to begin, to be happy, to all that is good in life!"

Simone announces the reduction of broadcasts: "From 8 to 10 per month"

During the show "Show da Virada" from TV Globo, Simone spoke with the press and announced that the appointment program would be reduced from 2019. "When we resume our agenda, from the release of the doctor, we will make 8 to 10 shows a month. "" We've done 17-18 shows before. "" She'll take the exams now [novembro] and the doctor will give an opinion on when he returns. Some pieces have already been calcified and already gained weight and take care of her health. From this new examination, we will have the right date for return, "he told the Folha by S. Paulo.

Sertaneja says the sister composes: "They are incredible"

According to Simone, the break in his career has brought benefits to his sister: "This period when Simaria moved from the stage served her rest and rested so well that she made six compositions with Nivardo." "There is music for all tastes, there is a traditional yard, but it's funky, with a Bahia footprint, it's very sensational," he said.

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