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Temporarily in Guaratuba it destroys houses, sinks boats and leaves the city without light


The storm in Guaratuba was held on Wednesday (16). (Photo: RIC Assembly More)
The storm in Guaratuba was held on Wednesday (16). (Photo: RIC Assembly More)

a who arrived at Guaratuba, on the coast of Paraná. in the afternoon of Wednesday (16) it hurt the whole city: houses and shops were evacuated, boats sunk and some of the city was left without electricity. (See the video below)

Temporarily in Guaratuba

According to the civil defense of the city, at least Forty houses have been hit and three ships sank. Teams are still working to take account of all the damage and should spend the dawn on Thursday (17) looking for a disaster.

The most affected neighborhoods were: part of the Piçarras neighborhood, Mirim district and the central part of the city, near Guaratuba Bay.

According to Simepar, the rains did not cause the problem in Guaratuba, because they dropped only 3.4 millimeters. What really hit the city was the winds that reached 87 km / h. The agency explained that the 54 km / h winds are already starting to hurt.

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In the movie, it is possible to see a sinking boat, while another was stopped by water with the force of the wind. The picture shows that the boat disappears into the sea until it is completely covered.

In another video shared on social networks, you can see the ferry crossing Matinhos-Guaratuba, which was removed for a few minutes.

Also, the military police published a video in which the small ships seem to be carried by winds. Look at:

Approximately 7,000 people presented themselves without light, and during the night the offer was not back yet.

See how the city center is:

Owner Erica Nascimento recorded a video in Praça da Paz:

He hit the central area

A mountaineering structure by the town hall to host performances during the season also did not resist the force of the wind. (Images: Erica Nascimento):

The book fair near the seashore was also destroyed (Images: Erica Nascimento):

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