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The businessman from Orejuela attacks Cruzeiro, who responds


The soap opera that involves cruise and Luis Manuel Orejuela won a new chapter. In the treatment of lesions at Guild, lareral law has returned to Belo Horizonte already requested by the mining club, with which it has a contract. This position annoyed the player’s manager.

In an interview Radio GauchoVinícius Prates said that Raposa’s manager asked the player to come to the club again so that he could be examined, even Tricolor sent reports indicating a second degree muscle injury in his left thigh.

“Cruzeiro sent a notification to Grêmio requesting the immediate return of the athlete. When asked where the player will undergo injury treatment, Cruzeiro said he will have to travel to Belo Horizonte to be examined so he can decide whether to extend the loan or not, even with Grêmio who sent all medical reports. This is absurd. They seemed to doubt the injury. They are not worried about the player’s health “, Prates fired.

In a statement sent to the newspaper’s editorial office Stands, Cruzeiro spoke about the critic of the businessman. According to the club, Grêmio’s reports about Orejuela’s injury reached the heavenly medical department only on Wednesday (06).

“It is a natural process of Cruzeiro and other football clubs, when they receive an injured athlete with a completed loan agreement, taking note of clinical examinations and following a basic evaluation procedure to strengthen the information about the reported injury, which is important to continue the player’s recovery treatment, either at the club holding the federal rights or at the club where he played.

Thus, Cruzeiro’s notification to Grêmio took place in the context in which the athlete presented himself for medical examinations, also a standard procedure after concluding the loan agreements. As Orejuela is injured, Cruzeiro requested the initial and current tests for the injury, which were sent on January 6, 2021 (Wednesday) afternoon. I’m already in the medical department of the club for analysis.

As for the possible negotiations involving Orejuela, Cruzeiro is following the line of not being officially positioned until they are completed. “

Future uncertainty

While treating muscle injuries, Orejuela is also paying close attention to the next step in her career. No agreement between Cruzeiro and Grêmio on the final acquisition, the Colombian has entered the radar of other Brazilian clubs, such as Atlético-MG and Flamengo. In addition, Sporting (POR) allegedly investigated the defender’s situation. The information was launched by the portal Globe Sports.

The owner of 50% of the defender’s economic rights, Raposa is thinking of selling as a way to alleviate the past financial crisis. The club expects to receive more than 3 million euros (about 20 million dollars) for its part.

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