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The company that hired Xuxa in Fortaleza has already committed defects in the Sandy show – 11/26/2018


Event Planner, the contractor for the Xuxa show in Fortaleza on Saturday (24 years), also committed flaws in a recent Sandy show.

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Sandy's performance clarification note Image: Reproduction / Facebook

On Nov. 11, the same company published a clarification note on his Facebook page, excusing himself for the failure of organizing "We Voz Ele" at La Maison Fortaleza.

On the company page, a lot of people complained about the disorganization of Sandy's show.

"It was not an organized queue, no mess, nobody organized, except those who bought the tables and stopped without having a minimum of empathy and education with other people in other neighborhoods, and Sandy requires two "It's a total disorganization and a lack of respect!" "It's a great show," she said, "complained surfer Carol Caranzaro.

"I came in without looking at my ticket because they released the general, opening the show even for those who did not have a ticket." Result: I saw the show standing and I could not stay, "said Anderson Bruno on the company's website.

"I wanted to go, but the lack of organization of ticket sales made me quit. I'm glad I did not buy it, I saved myself from this frustration," Regina Celly said.

"The plan has always been a good thing, the Rouge show was also a disaster, I paid for an expensive ticket without rights and dignity, the salon was a picnic on the side of the scene Leonardo Aquino.

The company has acknowledged the mistakes and promised to improve future events.

"In addition to the technical problems we faced, some acted in bad faith, taking tickets purchased outside the official point of sale and taking the tables inappropriately, were already identified and punished accordingly.

We tried to avoid the situation in the most viable way at that time, and eventually made a beautiful show.

We are committed to improving on the future events we will produce, with the understanding and presence of all, "Planner said.

12 hours at the airport

Xuxa ventured into Instagram after waiting for more than 12 hours at the airport to board for Rio after the company hired an illegal airplane that was private and not licensed to operate as an air taxi. In a clarification note released on Sunday, Planner says he is examining "true culprits" because of confusion.

Xuxa would make another show, also contracted by the same company, on December 1 in Recife. Because of the confusion, she warned she was canceled.

"I would like to say that I will not perform the show, I'm sorry, this person is not a dignified person, so I can not be a professional, something could have happened on this plane," the presenter said.

The plane has already been banned with Claudia Leitte

The plane that carried Xuxa to a show in Fortaleza and left her hostess and crew waiting nearly 12 hours at the airport was previously banned, according to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

In a statement released on Sunday (25), the agency reported that the plane, which was prevented from flying back with Xuxa to Rio, was banned in October, making irregular transport to Claudia Leitte.

"The aircraft has irregularly supplied an air taxi service (known as a clandestine air taxi (TACA)), carrying Xuxa and the team from Galeão (RJ) to Fortaleza (EC) where it was forbidden," says the signatory Anac communicates, who claims to have received a complaint in the agency's channels of service.

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