Friday , September 30 2022

The war police teach at Agua Verde


The civilian policeman who suffered an outbreak in a residential condominium in the Agua Verde neighborhood of Curitiba was surrendered Tuesday (27) by military policemen at around 2:00 pm. The appearance, which began at 7am, lasted seven hours. Deputies from the Special Operations Battalion (Bope) took a nap from the investigator to invade the apartment on the 13th floor and immobilize it.

Already surrendered, the researcher was present at a medical team in Samu and sent to the hospital. In the magazine, Bope's officers found no pistol inside the apartment – the fear was that he owned a private weapon.

The police officer's operational weapon had already been collected before the outbreak broke out, as he responded to three internal civil police proceedings: a preliminary investigation, a disciplinary procedure, and a trial trial. He was with the corporation in 2013.

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The event mobilized a large force of military and civilian police. Traffic has been blocked on several streets.

One of the investigators at the Piraquara police station in the Curitiba metropolitan area was alone in the apartment where he lived on the 13th floor of the building at the corner of Brasílio Itiberê and Guilherme Pugsley (Quick Gate / Center). In addition to the Bope military police, the Special Police Operations Center (Cope) and Civil Police Corregidor also monitored the occurrence.

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Police broke out at Agua Verde

The Military Police snipers, snipers, were called to the scene. They monitored the civil police action of one of the neighboring buildings to the condominium.

The incident blocked traffic in the area. In addition to Brasílio Itiberê, there was a block at the Avenida Água Verde intersection with the Rapid Gate / Center and the intersection between Avenida Água Verde and Bento Viana. But at 10:30, the police released traffic from the two intersections, keeping the blockade only at Brasílio Itiberê, on the block in which the building is located.


The condominium was not evacuated, and residents of the other floors followed in their apartments during production. "In the morning, when I left my apartment, I came to a gatekeeper who handled the people who were leaving. When I returned, they told me I could go into the building at my own risk. I prefer to stay here, "says retired banker Marcelo Furlan, resident of the condominium. "The situation is very tense and has caused many disturbances throughout the neighborhood of Agua Verde," he added.

Agronomist Gerson Klepa chose to wait for the story to end in his apartment upstairs. "I returned to the building around 9:30 and everything seems quiet. There is a police officer in our room and nobody can move to the 13th floor where negotiation is taking place," he said.

José Batista de França, head of the condominium council, said the police officer had no relationship problems with other residents. However, he used to cry out lonely inside the apartment. "15 days ago he also had a situation in which he shot himself. We issued an incident report and collected all the documentation if necessary," he says.

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