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"Time does not stop": Marocas refers to Emilio's mysterious brother


Juliana Paiva Marocas is the Juliana Paiva Marocas on "Time does not stop" (Photo: Reproduction)

The following sections "Time does not stop", Marocas (Juliana Paiva) will refer to Lucio (João Baldasserini), the twin brother of Emilio (João Baldasserini). the death of an attorney and suspects the villain was murdered.

Everything will happen when her brand, Kikinico, be successful and attract investors' attention. One of them will be Lucio, who will make a meeting with Marocas and make a proposal.

"Creativity is impressive, creating its freshness and ingenuity that I have not seen in the fashion world for a long time – it will praise it.

– I'm glad to hear …

And, in addition, it has an ethical sense to the past. Rarity. I know you are concerned about sustainability, the rights of workers. All this interests me and motivates me. We need more of these people in this contemporary, inhuman world. But here I am talking and talking, and still did not give me the answer. Will you accept my proposal?


Samuca discovers the crime

Waleska will shock the discovery of crime

Moroccan leaves her mother to a modern relationship

Marocas will ask you to think, but Lucio will say he can not wait.

Life is short, Marocas. Look what happened to my brother. But let's not talk about death now. It's a bad wish. I was here that talk about the future. I just need a yes. Or the "no".

The Moroccan will hesitate but will agree. The public will not know if the boy has a good intention or plan against her.

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