Sunday , May 29 2022

Time is not for: Coronel's Farce is discovered


Time to No: Coronela's Farce is Uncovered - Press Release / Time Not for / TV Globo

In the final chapters of The Time Not Para, a novel by Rede Globo, Coronela (Solange Couto), paid for faking the child of Waleska DNA (Carol Castro).

She tells Florencio's farce (Ricardo Duque) who tells the baron (Rui Ricardo Diaz).

Thus, in the Friday (16) chapter, the real exam is issued and it is revealed that Matthew (Raphael Vianna) is the true father of the child, not Samuca (Nicolas Prattes).

See the full summary of today's chapter:

Colonel tells Florencio that he is threatened by the man who falsified the DNA test. Florencio tells the Baron that Coronela has paid for faking the nephew's DNA examination. House Sabino asks Emilio about where Amadeus is. The baron delivers the real DNA test of Wales's son to Betina. Carmem appreciates Marocas for the Kikinico collection. Matthew and Betina tell Samuca and Morocco that Matthew is the true father of the son of Wales.

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