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Twenty-five neighborhoods in Rio pose a high risk to Covid-19, a new city hall bulletin points out; list | Rio de Janeiro


Twenty-five neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro are at high risk for Covid-19, taking into account deaths and hospitalizations. The data comes from the first Epidemiological Bulletin of Covid-19, prepared by the new Emergency Operations Center – COE COVID-19 RIO, which begins to be launched weekly, always on Friday. (Check the list at the end of this article).

Another eight neighborhoods have a moderate risk of disease. No area of ​​the city presents a very high or low risk for Covid-19.

  • Paes says commitment is to buy 3.2 million doses of vaccine and start same-day application with SP
  • Paes says he has signed a cooperation agreement to buy CoronaVac for Rio

From the balance sheet, it is possible to know, for example, where there is a greater circulation of the virus and in which areas people get sick.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes and Rio City Secretary Daniel Soranz talk about the new newsletter on Covid-19 – Photo: Henrique Coelho / G1 Rio

According to Mayor Eduardo Paes, specific measures for certain regions of the city will be adopted based on the epidemiological map.

“The city is not just a thing. You can’t imagine that the reality in Santa Cruz is the same as Leblon’s. The measures taken starting today will not necessarily be uniform throughout the city “, Paes said during a press conference on Friday (8).

“If people do not behave correctly and you have a situation in an administrative region with a very high risk, you have the chance to close certain jobs. I am referring to the whole southern area, Barra da Tijuca, Santa Cruz, Bangu, Ricardo de Albuquerque, Anchieta. If they do not take care of themselves, there is a chance to go at a very high risk “, said the mayor.

Heart disease and diabetes are the worst comorbidities.

According to the municipal secretary for health, Daniel Soranz, the highest number of coronavirus cases is in the age group between 20 and 60 years. In terms of hospitalizations and deaths, the age group over 60 is much more prone to severe hospitalizations.

A joint resolution between the state and municipal environmental departments is expected to be published next week with the measures.

The resolution should be published next week with measures to be taken by the city of Rio – Photo: Reproduction

“The restrictions that will be imposed from the resolution that will be published next week. These will be very firm restrictions. The city government is not able to take care of the population “.

The study brings, in addition to disease rates, an analysis of the city’s risk, classifying, based on the occurrence of the disease, the administrative regions according to risk levels.

As of Thursday (8), the city of Rio had 15,312 deaths and 171,843 cases confirmed by Covid-19, according to a report published by the State Department of Health.

Vaccination: 3.2 million doses for Rio

Regarding the vaccination of the population, the mayor said that the commitment is to purchase 3.2 million doses and to start the action on the same day with São Paulo, on January 25.

“We are on the right track to start vaccination by the end of this month. Secretary Daniel Soranz goes to another meeting with Butantan. We have committed to buy 3.2 million doses. We are working to start vaccination on the same day as São Paulo. ”

“The disease is still there. Until the vaccine arrives, we are in a critical situation. I ask everyone’s attention “, said the mayor.

The forecast, according to Soranz, is that the city will have 450 vaccination points.

On December 20, Paes announced on its social networks the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Butantan Institute for the purchase of the CoronaVac vaccine.

A meeting with Butantan is scheduled this Friday to close details and organize the vaccination.

“All the planning is so that Rio de Janeiro does not delay its immunization in any day,” the secretary said.

Does not preclude anticipation of the date if National Immunization Program starts before January 25th.

Daniel Soranz, municipal health secretary, presents the risk map of Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Henrique Coelho / G1 Rio

High risk for Covid, taking into account deaths and hospitalizations:

  1. The port area
  2. Center
  3. Rio Comprido
  4. Botafogo
  5. Copacabana
  6. lagoon
  7. Saint Christopher
  8. Tijuca
  9. Vila Isabel
  10. Ramos
  11. Penha
  12. Inhaúma
  13. Meier
  14. Iraj
  15. Madureira
  16. Jacarepagua
  17. Bangu
  18. Large field
  19. Santa Cruz
  20. Governor’s Island
  21. Insula Paqueta
  22. Anchieta
  23. Santa Teresa
  24. Barra da Tijuca
  25. Pavuna
  1. Guaratiba
  2. Rocinha
  3. Jacarezinho
  4. German complex
  5. Tide
  6. Vicar General
  7. Realengo
  8. The city of God

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