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WhatsApp: users join the rival messenger after changing the policy Social networks


The number of downloads for Signal, an “ultra-secure” messenger and rival to WhatsApp, has increased considerably this week. The platform came on Twitter on Thursday (7) saying that it is pleased with the large number of registrations and is aware of the delays in sending verification codes via messenger, given the large number of accounts created in recent days.

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Signal’s popularity was highlighted after the CEO of the million-dollar companies Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk published his message “Use Signal” to the more than 41.5 million followers on Twitter. Musk’s tweet was posted shortly after WhatsApp launched its controversial new privacy policies. Changing the use of the app requires users to agree to share information with Facebook if they want to continue using the messenger.

The number of downloads of the Signal messaging application is increasing and may be related to the change of the WhatsApp policy; learn more – Photo: Rubens Achilles / TechTudo

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Billionaire Elon Musk posted two tweets in a row on Wednesday (6), alluding to companies on Facebook. The first fixed the social network, and the second, the messenger. Not to mention companies directly, Musk posted a memo with dominoes linking Facebook’s initial proposal to classify women as “hot or not” in college to the recent events of the extremist invasion of the United States Congress. Musk soon published “Use Signal.”

As the American site The Verge points out, it is not clear whether the billionaire is aware of WhatsApp’s privacy changes, which will take effect on the 8th of next month. Among the new messaging policies is a greater integration between Facebook and WhatsApp, highlighting the intention of the messaging application to share user data with Facebook partner companies.

Some of the data that can be shared by the messenger with the social network are the user’s IP address, personal phone number, profile picture, information such as status “last seen”, activities on WhatsApp – including how the user interacts with other accounts and messenger companies – in addition to the contact list.

It is unclear whether the number of Signal users has increased due to Musk’s tweet or in response to the new privacy policies adopted by WhatsApp. It is worth remembering that both Facebook and WhatsApp have recently been involved in frictions with Apple, after Apple reported privacy improvements in the iOS update. Improvements include new anti-tracking rules, in addition to requirements that require apps in the App Store to highlight the necessary permissions and what user data is collected.

In a response to The Verge, WhatsApp says it “remains deeply committed to protecting people’s privacy” and that the messenger’s new privacy policies will not affect “the way people communicate privately with friends or family members.” WhatsApp.

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