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11, 76 bln. лв. will go to pensions and social benefits next year


Deputies in a hot scandal because of the debate under Art. 1 of the State Social Security

Nearly 11, 76 bln. лв. will be the budget of the State Social Security next year. Of these, лв. will be for pensions. This was adopted at a second reading by the deputies with the vote of Art. 1 for the consolidated budget of SSS. The debate began shortly after 9 pm, although the Socialists only wanted to vote on Art. 1, and the rest of the law remain for tomorrow. You want to poke everything in the dark and fool the opposition with the mocking and silent reading of the law and not hear what we are voting on. It is easy for you because you do not think, just vote for ", BSP MP Georgi Gikov told the GERB. But his proposal was not accepted.

The MRF has suggested that the money be raised by another 150 million. in order for pensions to be recalculated by 5,7% from April and not as of June 1, as foreseen. However, it was rejected.

The BSP offered the money to rise by nearly a billion. Among their proposals, the maximum insurance threshold was 3900 BGN, a minimum salary of 640 BGN. and a maximum pension of BGN 1560, which was also not supported.

"From GERB you are cowards and went to elections did not tell the Bulgarian citizens that they will increase their maximum insurable income," said Red Dragomir Stoynev and stressed that the BSP offered him to be 3900 leva. Vladimir Toshev of GERB immediately replied that the minimum wage in 2009 was 240 leva and now is 510 leva. It remains to be worse after 10 years management of GERB, Stoynev countered.

Chief of the legal commission, Danail Kirilov, asked Stoynev to be sanctioned for the word cowards. What you call cowardly that we listen for 9 hours to BSP speakers who repeat the same thing, Kirilov asked.

And debates on Article 1 only went on for over an hour and a half, and a 15-minute rest was needed to cool the lusts in the plenary. Shortly after, it became a scandal again, and the reason was that the patriot Pavel Shopov demanded the end of the debate. But it angered the reds who wanted to speak. Ten MPs immediately rounded out Tsvya Karaiancheva, the National Assembly's Speaker, but she was firm and put to a vote the end of the debate. MEPs from the BSP immediately made a list of all members of the parliamentary group. Now, as I have a list, I will give the floor to everyone, Karayancheva said. The procedural skirmishes continued and even the title of the law was subject to revision.

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