Monday , August 15 2022

A scandal is set in the Premier League for Breckit


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The English Premier League leader disapproves of the proposal to reduce the number of players who were born outside the UK after Breskit.

The French Football Association recently said it would like the quota to be adjusted from 17 to 13 in each elite team after the UK's future release of the European Union.

"Our championship is being pursued in 189 countries around the world … 12,000 employees are employed in clubs and the Premier League generates 3.3 billion pounds a year, so far we have had a positive working relationship with the Football Association and we Continue constructive discussions with them and other shareholders, Breckitt should not weaken the clubs in British football in any way, and should not limit their ability to attract leading foreign players. Although there is no evidence that the quota cut will have an impact positive in Rhu England, "said a statement on the Premier League.

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