Saturday , June 25 2022

After four years of court battles: Philip Plaine showed his son for the first time (PHOTOS) – Blitz


The famous designer Philippe Plain introduced his successor Romeo for the first time. The sentimental encounter between father and son, which has not been seen for nearly four years, was photographed and shared in the official dictator's profile. The cadres have provoked violent reactions among the followers who have challenged the German to reveal the reasons behind the long separation, Telegraph wrote.

"This is the moment when I meet my son for the first time in almost four years. On December 25, 2014, my son, Romeo, aged 1 year and 6 months, remained with his mother in Brazil. We've lost years of disputes and useless lawyers – for nothing. We had to give our son what he really deserved – mother and father"Write the designer in the Instagram social network.

The video shows how little Romeo throws in his father's arms. The Fernando model meets Philip before he becomes famous, familiar with Milan. The news that she is pregnant is welcomed by the joy of Philippe. Two months after the child's appearance, they split. As a parent, Philip is aware of the fact that a child first needs a mother. Despite his understanding, Fernanda puts a barrier between him and the boy. So far they have found a way back to each other.

As a father with opportunities, Philip returns his meeting with Romeo at a time that is unlikely to be forgotten. The two are involved in entertainment, and a few days later they head for Disneyland in Paris, accompanied by Fernando, who shines with joy.

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