Saturday , May 28 2022

Bezos: The Amazon will go bankrupt one day


A few days before Amazon announced the big winners in choosing the seat for a second headquarters, CEO Jeff Bezos had to respond to a different concern, but linked to employees: if the company is headed, CNBC wrote.

At a meeting in Seattle on Thursday, an employee asks Bezos about the future of the Amazon. In particular, the investigation wants to know what lessons he has learned about Bezos from the recent bankruptcy of Sears and other retailers.

"The amazon is not too big to fail," Bezos said. "Actually, I expect Amazon to crash one day, and Amazon will go bankrupt, and if we look at big companies, their lives are usually around 30, not over 100.

Which are the oldest companies in the world?

Which are the oldest companies in the world?

The first in the ranking is the Japanese Kongō Gumi, founded in 578

The key to delaying this inevitable moment, says Bezos, is to focus on customers and avoid worrying about themselves. "If we start focusing ourselves instead of our customers, it will be the beginning of the end, and we should try to delay as much as possible this day."

Bezoz's comment comes amid the unprecedented success of the Amazon in its core business as well as the impressive cloud service growth.

But some officials are worried about the pace of expansion. The number of employees for the giant increased more than 20 times over the past eight years to more than 600,000 employees.

The company has drawn the wrath of President Donald Trump, who personally attacks Bezos – probably because of The Washington Post, the founder and CEO of the Amazon. But more reason why Amazon has to worry about the executive is its size. Bezos does not emphasize for the first time that today's giants of the internet must be more strictly regulated because of their share and market influence.

Amazon is expected to account for 48% of US Internet sales this year. The Cloud Service is also a leader with about 34% of the US market.

Responding to the company's longevity business, Bezos highlights another interesting fact: "The majority of companies that have survived for hundreds of years are beer factories and it's very exciting – and I'm not sure what is said about society."

Why is not the Amazon in Russia?

Why is not the Amazon in Russia?

There are no major international online retailers in the country

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