Tuesday , January 31 2023

BOND Wanted Books: The reform of mass privatization starts


The cabinet invites everyone to have them ask about them

A widespread reform began with the so-called "bond books". The cabinet invites anyone holding mass privatization actions to ask about them. Otherwise, they will once again become state property.

If we bet on a strong company, the book can cost even a few thousand leva.

We are talking about mass privatization in 1996. Then each adult had the opportunity to acquire shares or bonds.

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After 23 years, the balance looks like this: more than 2 million Bulgarians have "good-faith books". Their total value is between 2 and 3 billion pounds.

Much of them, however, are so. "latent actions", i. – no one is looking for them.

The state proposes reforms. In the first year will be explained only. Then people have to decide what to do – sell, transfer, etc.

Watch the video on the subject.

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