Monday , June 27 2022

Former Chelsea manager has fought cancer for over a year


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The shocking news revealed the legendary Italian striker Gianluca Vali, who was one of the greatest football stars in the 1990s.

Vali says he has cancer and that he's been struggling for a year with a treacherous disease. The autobiographical book of former Chelsea manager "Hits" is launched Tuesday in Italy. 98 stories +1 to tackle the most challenging challenges, "and he speaks of the serious fight against the disease.

In front of Corriere dello Sport, he shared the disease, making sure that the treatment goes well and feels good now.

"I would love to go without it, but it was not possible, then I thought it was only a phase of my life that must be courageous and something we should learn." I started writing the book to help people find the right way, I got some motivating expressions, some mantras and I associate them with stories of extraordinary athletes to be understood.

I know it was hard and hard to tell my family, my family. You never want to hurt those you love: my parents, my brothers and sister, my wife Catherine, our little girls Olivia and Sofia. And you're ashamed, as if it were your fault.

First I hid myself, I did not want others to notice, I had to be Vally they knew. But then I decided to tell my story in a book, "says Vali.

"Right now I feel good. I started recovering, although I still do not know how this" match "will end.

I had to wear a sweater under my shirt, so I did not understand what I had suffered. I hope my story told the book to inspire many people who are on the brink of their lives.

I also want my book to be on everybody's nightstand so people can read one or two stories before falling asleep. One of the phrases I had stuck on the wall during my treatment was: We are the product of our thoughts.

The most important thing is not winning, it's important to think in a winning way. Life is 10% of what is happening to us and 90% of how we do it, "Vally said.

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