Thursday , March 23 2023

If necessary, we will die on the ground


Botev (Pd) ‘s new coach Azrudin Valentic said extremely interesting things about Bruno Akrapovich and the city’s next derby against Lokomotiv during today’s official presentation at the club, a reporter said

“In 3-4 months I hope to speak Bulgarian, because this is very important for my communication with the players. Bruno Akrapovich and I are from the same generation and we studied to be coaches together. We are in good conditions. We were born in “I know that he is now in a camp with CSKA in Turkey, but I will call him tonight or tomorrow to exchange basic information about Bulgaria and the football championship,” said the Bosnian specialist.

“I don’t give five dollars for Ludogorets or CSKA. I’m here because of Botev and I want my team to play good football against Ludogorets, CSKA, Rome or any European team,” Valentic added, after being asked if he was looking to lose. Botev with 0: 6 from Lokomotiv in the city derby.

“I come from a place where there is a big city derby. I know very well what that means. As for this match – I think Botev’s players weren’t sure what was going to happen at the club and it wasn’t for them. “One thing I can do is promise – we might lose the next derby with Lokomotiv. But we won’t lose unless Lokomotiv is twice as good as us! We’ll fight even if we have to die on the field.” , a conchis Azrudin Valentic.

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