Wednesday , May 31 2023

Jack Ma: Commercial war is the stupidest thing in this world


Alibaba's alliance and co-founder, Jack Ma, believes that the war on trade is meaningless and condemns again the US-China conflict.

The richest man in China who warned a month ago that the war could last for two decades now claims that there is no point in "attacking" the goods because the Asian nation is about to become a major buyer of foreign products. According to him, Internet services also create new jobs.

Jack Ma, whose online shopping empire is China's largest corporation, is opposed to hundreds of billions of dollars in commodities, both in Washington and Beijing.

"The trade war is the stupidest thing in this world," Ma said at Shanghai International Import Exhibition in Shanghai.

The Ma statement was made a few days before the most important event of the year for Alibaba – Lonely Heart Day. On a very popular holiday in China, Alibaba offers special promotions and great discounts on its online shopping platforms, the Bloomberg reports.

Much of Alibaba's revenue is generated by local trade, but the company offers a variety of foreign branded products such as Nike

The fact that China is an unbeatable global factor is one of the biggest challenges facing the country, says Jack Ma.

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