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Miss Barry without Messi missed Inter + VIDEO again

Inter and Barcelona finished in a 1-1 draw in a Champions League match at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium.

In front of the legendary Valentino Rossi, Coach Coach Ernesto Valverde gradually took the initiative in the game, such as Luis Suarez and Usman Dembele, who did not hesitate to defend the hosts but the first half ended without goals.

In the second part, the dynamic pace of the game continued and both teams broke attractive goals in front of the doors of Mark André ter Stegen and Samir Handanovich. Malcolm, who had entered the reserve, was able to give his guests an advance seconds after coming into play in the 83rd minute, but shortly thereafter Mauro Ikardi equalized. The guest star, Lionel Messi, was not even booked in the reserve.

Thus, Barca is already looking at the 1/8-final of the tournament after the team is in the top with a point of 10 points, with 3 more than the second Inter. Tottenham is 4 points and PSV is the last one.

The two teams started playing after the first referee's signal. Matteo Politano starts off with a head shot due to his head, and headed by Mauro Ircardi. However, the situation was stopped due to an ambush. In the next attack, guests sent the message with a powerful blow to Usman Dembele, who was weaned by Samir Handanovic.

12 minutes into the match, Ivan Rakitic spoon hit the field. Croatian tuition to Luis Suarez outpaced Milan Shriknyr and shot a shot at the door. But the ball crossed the crossbar.

19 minutes into the match, Ivan Perissic broke through on the left and made a sharp pass for the ball to Assamo. Gaganese caught the ball in a difficult position and tried to head it to the door, but it failed.

There were some very dangerous positions in front of Handanovich's door, which happened in about two minutes. The first Dembele pulled the ball lightly into Suarez. The Uruguayan failed to control the ball, giving Sergi Roberto the opportunity to return the passport from a small angle. After a few seconds, Suarez had the chance to shoot at a very close distance, but he made it inaccurate.

Uruguayan was irrecoverable and at 42 minutes he missed the goal again. A weighted ball from Shrikyner's body fell into the striker who fired without thinking. But Handanovic was still in his place and a bet. Thus, the first half finished without scored goals.

In the second part, the catalonians continued their aggressive game. After 52 minutes, Philippe Coutinho scored on a marvelous shot from the right. Handanovic, however, showed the class again and killed.

65 minutes had elapsed when a free kick by Mateo Politano found its way through the home side's poorly asserting header and shot to the top corner. But the ball went straight.

Four minutes later, Inter suffered a terrible attack, ending with a diagonal shot at the Borja Valero Reserve. However, the ball bounced off Kleemann Lengerie's cricket and broke through in the corner.

In the 83th minute, the Malmö reservation gave the catalon an advance after entering the game. The footballer rushed dangerously into the penalty area and with a weak but accurate shot sent the ball into the door.

In the 87th minute, Mauro Icardi was in the right place at the right time. The striker controlled the ball in the penalty area and shot him in the middle of the goal, score 1: 1.

Inter – Barcelona 1: 1

Best goals: Malcom (83), Mauro Icardi (87)

Inter: Handzanovich, Varshalko, De Vray, Shkrinar, Asamoa, Vesino, Brozowicz (Martinez 85), Ningolan (Valerio 63), Politano (Candreea 81)
trainer: Luciano Spaleti

Barcelona: Terr Stegen, Roberto, Pique, Langley, Alba, Buscakes, Rakitic, Arthur (Vidal 72), Dembele (Malcom 81 & 39), Koutinho, Suarez
trainer: Ernesto Valverde

Milan stadium "San Siro"
judge: Shimon Marcinjak
Yellow cards: Brozovic, Perisic (Inter); Ракитич (Барселона)

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