Sunday , April 2 2023

More revelations of the night after the murder of Darwin – News Crime


The real estate broker, stopping Viktorio Angelov and his baby, before taking the taxi to Nicole's nesting place, one year old, in Gorni Bogrov.

Twenty-six years he stood up as Nicole held one hand. A woman saw him, who was fond of a child, and stopped. In front of her he behaved calmly, but he told about the dramas with Darina Mineska, who had killed him before.

The woman did not realize she was preparing to kill the child and was so sorry for the suicide she offered to take him to the metropolitan quarter of Hadji Dimitar after he had finished his property search. Viktorio refused.

"Almost in front of the car, a man with a baby appeared in his arms and made me stop." When I saw the baby, I could not stop, I stopped, I got it, I asked where it was, "I'm in Sofia, no matter where" he told us that there was a family scandal that he and his wife argued that he was guilty because he was an alcoholic and that he left him with his baby and took the car. What I told her was that children should not be victims of their parents' problems and that they should not either injured, "says the woman at bTV.

"He said to the child," Come on, Dad, tomorrow we will return to my mother or even today. "He looks like a normal, calm, alcohol-free person, with a clear and orderly thought, leaving him at least not even suggesting that I did not suspect that there was anything that might force that person to do that, she added.

Yesterday, the parents of the Darina murder had told more details about their daughter and Viktorio's disastrous actions. They shared that they firmly hoped that violence would stop and that there would be no new Darina and Nicole.


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