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People are afraid of the vaccine instead of the virus that kills – Analysis


"There is no evidence that vaccines cause more than normal side effects."

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“There is no evidence that vaccines cause more than normal side effects.”

Dr. Velislava Petrova, a virologist at the University of Cambridge and a health consultant at the United Nations, commented on the NBR on the effect of coronavirus vaccines and the need for anti-epidemic measures.

When the amount of vaccines available is sufficient, I would also recommend that those who have had a coronavirus infection be vaccinated. There is no information that the vaccines used would not protect us from the new variant of the virus. Vaccines create a very broad immune response, which cannot be avoided with just a few mutations.

It is not good to spread the virus too much during the immunization campaign to avoid the possibility of it evolving as a result of vaccination immunity. Imagine that people are vaccinated and build immunity – they are an evolutionary barrier to the virus they are trying to get rid of. If it continues to circulate and spread widely, then the virus will try to move and avoid immunity to vaccination. This means not stopping vaccination, but strictly follow anti-epidemic measures while being vaccinated to keep the number of infected at a lower level.

The difference between the two vaccines – “Pfizer” and “Modern” – lies in the envelope in which the RNA molecules are located and this is why there are different requirements for their storage. Another difference is that one has 21 days between the two doses and the other 28 days.

The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for people over the age of 16, and the Morena vaccine for people over the age of 18, due to the lack of people at that age who have participated in clinical trials and there are not enough data. .

The side effects of these vaccines are no different from the side effects of any vaccine or medicine. I’m surprised that people are afraid of the vaccine, which can cause mild fatigue, instead of being afraid of a virus that kills 3% of people. There is no evidence that vaccines cause more than normal side effects.

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