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Protests for cleaner air took place in Rousse and Pernik (OBZOR)


November 11, 2018 | 05:08 | News Agency FOCUS

Photo: AFPProtests for cleaner air took place in Ruse and Pernik (OBZOR)

Protests for cleaner air took place in Rousse and Pernik (OBZOR)AFP pictures

Rousse / Pernik. Protests for cleaner air took place in Rousse and Pernik. About 150 cars in protest took part in Ruse, which started at 11.00 am in a car park from the city center to the Danube crossing point. The protest passed in three stages – a blockade park on the Danube Bridge, a rally in the industrial park of the city and ended in front of the Town Hall building. People wore masks on their faces, posters with the inscription "Help me smell" and "Dirty air killed us". The movement on the Romanian border was blocked for more than half an hour and kilometers of pockets of cars were formed. According to organizers, such protests are to come if the power does not pay attention to the Rousse environmental situation.
Hundreds of cars also participated in a protest procession in Pernik with a request for air and pollution reduction. A concert took place in the city under the title "Respira Pernik".
The FOCUS news agency reminds: 31 years ago, Rousse's mothers were the first to protest for a cleaner air in the city. On 28 September 1987, at Svoboda Square in Rousse, more than 300 people protested against the indifference of the Romanian poison leaders on the city. The most courageous of them has slogans: "A Peaceful Air Demonstration", "Promises Desired", "We Want a Healthy Generation." This is the first street demonstration during the communist regime in Bulgaria.

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