Wednesday , May 31 2023

See what the world is spending money on


Check out the best-selling brands

The Focus2Move statistical agency released data for best-selling car brands in the first nine months of the year. Global sales for the first three quarters of the year totaled 70.3 million units (+ 1.3%). The agency has proven it can be trusted. So, see what the world is spending its money on.

According to the agency, the most sold new cars

the first nine months of the year are Toyota.

The achievement of the brand reached a level of 6,476,781 units. This represents a 0.5% increase over the same period last year.

The top ten best-selling brands at the end of September include Volkswagen (5,222,428), Ford (4,197,136) and Nissan (3,731,626). And more: Honda (3,708,195), Hyundai (3,270,302), Chevrolet (3,035,912). For decades, Kia (2 154 452), Mercedes (1,939,664) and Renault (1,933,603) closed.

Among the 50 major car brands, Geely recorded the highest growth at the end of the first nine months of the year (+ 23.2% to 1,046,131 units). Mitsubishi (+ 22.4%, 910.926), Lada (+ 21.1%, 285.915), SEAT (+ 20.8%, 418.089) and others.

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