Sunday , May 29 2022

Staykov mine in a stroke. From the Ministry of the Interior: Healthy! – Crime


Businessman Mine Staykov, who was arrested since early September, received symptoms of ischemic stroke. The incident happened while researching teeth at the hospital in Sofia's prison. His mood overwhelmed hospital staff and immediately sought help from colleagues, said.

After he felt bad, the businessman was hospitalized at the MI hospital. The investigators did not allow her to consult her situation in a private medical unit, as Steikov insisted.

In the hospital of the Ministry of Interior, he made detailed studies and Doctors have told detainees a healthy person, without finding the risk of stroke. He offered to go through nuclear magnetic resonance for a more definite diagnosis, but the businessman disagreed and returned to the cell.

Doctors and investigators commented that it is possible that the incident in the prison hospital was artificially challenged. According to physicians, stroke symptoms appear but not the fatal outcome in the injection of certain drugs.

Asked for comments, the prosecutor's office explained that they would check what had happened.

Mine Staykov is accused of being the leader of an 8-member criminal group for holding and selling cigarettes without excise duty, tax offenses and money laundering. Last week, the appeal body imposed a distraction on his home in the Boyana district of Sofia. There are also hundreds of decades of agricultural land, vineyards and industrial sites that have been scattered in Karnobat, Yambol, Sliven and northern Bulgaria.

For two months, looking for Staykov's son Staiko. He left Bulgaria in early August.

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