Sunday , October 2 2022

Suzanita got out of the blue! It blows in cheap cloth to show … NILO – BLISTER


Suzanita seems to often look at Nicoleta Lozanova's profiles in Insagram and get ideas. After trying to get the same lips as the brunette, but Juliana Ganye's former Julia Duchess, the singer of the child and the scandalous, is also inspired by the style.

The day before, Ni Lo launched a photo in a luxury boutique, where she chose a small peak of a famous designer and revealed the bottom of her chest. 17 hours ago, Susanita's profile from Instagram aligned a similar image – again with half chest outside, but with beads hidden under a white T-shirt – the cheapest, writes Hot Arena.

Although she does not have the right age, Susie Murad at first glance issues photos of her underwear, otherwise her glory will descend very quickly. The blonde is quite unproductive from the single, and the scene is currently based on scandals and duet songs.

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