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The big groping in the gallery was paid – Culture


  • Imagine someone on a lace in front of Mona Lisa, Broken Eyebrows
  • The "Still Life" message is for the woman as a subject of consumption, justifying Yala Boubnova
  • Eccentric Odda Zhong defeated the art elite in Bulgaria

A grandiose scandal triggered the banquet in the National Art Gallery. The "Great Splash," as a "show," directed by the Yara Boubnova Gallery Director in honor of the artist Oda Jon, provoked the indignation of the President of the Culture Committee in the National Assembly, Vezhdi Rashidov, of cultural figures and intellectuals. On the third day, artists from our country commented on the two long masses on which a large samizva of sausages, fillets and all sorts of appetizers were laid, and the head was made of cabbage and cakes.

Throughout the world, the state museum is a treasury where art is preserved, it was a place for us to eat! I can not accept this, Rashidov told Epicenter.bg. And it exploded, "What museum in the world is at the tables, are they more simple in the Louvre or the Tretyakov gallery?" "We repaired the palace, turned its glow, brought Pty Pale, Born, brought world art and have a paw in the hall, imagining someone spitting under the eyes of Mona Lisa," said Vezhdi Rashidov. And she asked, "What is this great artist to do all this in her honor?" "What does she know about what she did for the image of Bulgaria?"

"I have instructed Yara Boubnova, Director of the National Gallery, to provide information to all those who want to hear what the discourse is and to explain and answer any questions of any kind," Culture Minister Boil Banov said in Brussels, "I take all the necessary measures and I am so conscious of this case and I am so aware of the place where they are headed … ", concluded the enigmatic minister.

Massive mass of Oda Zhaon's exhibition, which appeared on the Internet and triggered a scandal, is a show that again highlights the author's message, National Gallery head Yara Boubnova told the deliberate briefing. She explained to the press that the name of the art event was not a "supper at Naturmouth" and that she revealed the purpose of "Heart" portraying scenic paintings to Oda Zon – to discuss the attitudes of consumers to life and, above all, the woman as an object of consumption. Michaela Donovska, whose exotic nickname was invented by her late husband, the famous German artist Jorg Immenord, wanted to squeeze her 100 guests, invited by her on the exact list. Each of them received an invitation with a bright red heart, painted by Oda and printed in the oldest printer in Paris.

Mihaela Donevska takes her exotic nick Oda Zon from her late husband – the famous German artist Jorg Immenford PHOTO: peoples.ru

Donovska's contract for the gondola in the palace was signed by Slava Ivanova, the former director of the National Galleries. "The author suggested that all this should happen here. She sent us magnificent catalogs with her cloths as well as the details of the whole project funded entirely by her," Bubnova said. On both masses there were gypsy bodies produced by Donovska, on which fruit, vegetables and sausages were grouped, symbolizing meat on the flesh. The artist is vegetarian and most of his guests come from Paris and Brussels just for the event. "Everything was subordinated to the idea of ​​the painful existence of the woman who was" eaten ", Bubnova said. On December 1, a film dedicated to Oda Zon will be presented in the gallery. 20 years between Germany and France – painting, sculpture and watercolor. It is collected by museums and private collections, with the help of the Paris gallery, which manages Tamplon.

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