Wednesday , September 28 2022

The UDF will co-operate with the parties of the European People's Party


A review of the achievements, but also of the mistakes, triggered the UDF forum 29 years after 10 November. Blue people have noticed what they have done for joining NATO and the EU, but also what has disappointed the people.

Rumen Hristov, President of the UDF: I will not hide that many personal mistakes have been made. We are individualists, people with different opinions and this has divided us to a great extent.

People's well-being, income and a better standard of living are the main priorities around which, according to Rumen Hristov, we need to seek an agreement with the other parts of the right-wing area and with them to form a dominant majority. Entry into the euro area is one of the goals to be pursued, blue is convinced.

Rumen Hristov, President of the UDF: We need to start looking for a partnership first of all in the EPP member countries, we are in a single family. We have similar views on the governance of Europe, similar opinions on what should happen to Bulgarian voters, Bulgarian citizens.

BSP and MRF are the parts with which interaction is impossible. The objective of the UDF is to participate in the right-wing majority, ready for reform, following the next parliamentary elections.

Rumen Hristov, President of the UDF: GERB is a member of the EPP, they have the largest representation there. I think we were better partners than their current colleagues in the previous parliament.

For local elections next year, local organizations will decide whether and with whom to decide themselves.

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