Wednesday , August 17 2022

Thunder in Big Brother's house! Nikita and Zlatka Raykova share the bed … – Blitz


"How do you feel? I have not slept all night." That's how Blonde Zlatka started to conciliate with Nikita in Big Brother's House.

"There are things I think, but it is not good for all the rooms to tell them They do not like you and I do not want the tension to escalate The world is small Emanuela felt me ​​feel good" He is connected to something outside the house, a relationship is two people, not three ".

"Last night you threw some things, you do not want to tell them, you throw others now – you do not want, but one thing I will tell you – does not bother me," says blonde.

"I do not feel here, I'm not sure how I feel, and maybe I want to go.

In a Big Brother question, he rightly found out that both Nikita shared the same man, the brother confirmed. It turned out that Zlatka slept with her current husband, Borislav.

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