Saturday , May 28 2022

Today is the World Day of Premature Children – Society


On November 17, the World Day of Premature Children is celebrated. In Europe, the total number of premature infants annually is around 500,000, and the number in the world is over 15 million.

The birth trend of premature babies persists over the years. In Bulgaria, premature births are about 6,000 per year. At national level, their share is over 10% of all births, just like in Europe.

A key factor in premature infant development is doctors' expertise and the basis for postnatal care. Caring for a premature infant can reach 1000-2000 pounds per day, reports BTV.

In Bulgaria, the mother's home in Sofia follows the most serious tasks and is the only hospital in the country to offer a comprehensive pregnancy prevention service including ultrasound, biochemical screening and non-invasive DNA tests run by the National Genetics Laboratory.

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