Thursday , March 30 2023

We want to get the right and accurate conclusions – Trud


This procedure for waiver of parliamentary immunity is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. In order for such actions to be taken, the National Assembly must authorize the initiation of criminal proceedings or criminal prosecution against persons. This was said in an extraordinary briefing of the spokesman of the General Prosecutor Rumyana Arnaudova.

"Regarding the deputy, Georgi Mihaylov, the material against him for a check by the General Investigation Directorate, which started after a signal that while he was the executive director of the Specialized Chemotheonic Disease Hospital, there were accrued debts for Hospital to 24 million These materials have attached a package of contracts, concluded only as an official. These transactions were assessed as manifestly unprofitable transactions assessed in accordance with Article 220. The data also indicate that the Member deliberately carried out a deliberate exercise in the performance of its functions, which does not protect the legitimate interests of the hospital detention facility. Investigation requires a waiver of immunity, "Arnaudova said.

"As for the MPs in the Volya political party – Mareshki, Taskova and Hristov. It is fair to say that this is the same procedure that the three MPs, at the request of Sotir Tsatsarov, have given their own consensus criminal proceedings last year. At the end of June 2018, procedural actions were taken and several witnesses were questioned, confirming the evidence of coercive coercive evidence, a new offense, and the Chief Prosecutor filed a motion to lift the immunity of Members for such a – a crime of "criminal conspiracy" for committing crimes of more than three years' imprisonment to win the benefit of another. In this case, the Farmnet company, owned by Veselin Marekki. a new indictment was issued for each of the three, without ending the accusations against to them for extortion, "the prosecutor general spokesman pointed out.

"Regarding the deputy Boris Kirchev, a check was carried out by the Stara Zagora Prosecutor's Office from the signals of a non-governmental organization and citizens who would have implemented criminality schemes that led to a prejudice in the claim of the Republic of Bulgaria. have established enough to justify an investigation into two tax offenses. "Using fraudulent documents, he did not pay very large passive debt and has a value of £ 320,000," Arnaudova said.

The special prosecutor's office brought courtsuits on March 31st, against BSP deputy Elena Yoncheva. Verification was also carried out at the SANS and in the public money laundering registers in particularly large amounts, Rumyana Arnaudova told the briefing.

"In 2012 it was decided to set up a joint venture, an offshore company registered in the Virgin Islands in 2011. It's called Offroad Ltd. One of the companies participates with 320,000 leva," she said. We found that the newly established company opened a bank account at BCC and there was a current account. Elena Yoncheva was the manager of the new company and she could have the money, "Arnaudova said.

"The amount of 320,000 was credited to the Offroad account and how these funds were spent after Elena Yoncheva had the opportunity to operate, the investigation can only be established after the deputy's immunity has been lifted," Arnaudova said.

"There will be a secret of tax insurance, a bank secret and everything that will directly affect the rights of deputies whose immunity has been requested to be withdrawn. We want to get the right and accurate conclusions," she said, adding that there are many to do.

"We have no right to take any steps before the decision of the National Assembly to waive the immunity of the six deputies, we must have the power to gather evidence to arrive at the conclusions, which are the funds allocated by the CCB debtors. but in order to prove that we need procedural investigative actions, the Prosecutor's Office could not afford to practice before having a legitimate right to do so We are at the beginning of the investigation The identity of the detainees will not be announced. Let's take the evidence and then we will talk more. Politicians can expect only political speeches. "The Prosecutor's Office acts in accordance with the law and the evidence he has collected," Arnaudova said.


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