Thursday , April 15 2021

2019 iPhone X said to include Smaller Notch, Integrated Touch ID in Display, USB-C: Analyst

For the first time in 16 years, Apple released a profit warning yesterday, beating $ 9 billion of its revenue prospects for the quarter since it blamed the decline in iPhone sales in the declining economy in China. In his letter to investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook also detailed the revised guidelines for the forthcoming fiscal quarter 2019.

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What Cook did not recognize, however, is that the company is currently selling yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices that consumers are starting to make and instead opting for cheaper Android alternatives, especially in China.

As I pointed out Forbes, none of the iPhone 2019 models will work on 5G networks, while Samsung's flagship smartphones, Huawei and OnePlus will all be capable of 5G. However, the company plans to launch a redesigned iPhone this year, says Jean Baptiste, vice president and chief analyst at Atherton Research:

"Although we believe that Apple will launch an iPhone X redesigned in 2019 – with a smaller touch, a touch-sensitive fingerprint reader and a USB-C port – will no longer have extensibility (memory card) battery life, fast charging capability, and the quality of Android smartphone cameras, at the same time being more expensive. "

Apple seems to have to focus on delivering the kind of innovation they had previously known for high-priced devices instead of simply increasing the price of their smartphones. Some nickel currents and iPhone customer downs in 2019 include a 5W iPhone charger yet (11 years old!) And a 5GB free iCloud storage.

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