Monday , August 15 2022

A thank you from Brenda Boose


Dorin Boone, the former wife, Brenda, refused to be interviewed extensively for Postmedia's story about his life and death. However, she thanked everyone in Edmonton who had tried to help Dorian. This is her statement:

On 22 November 2016, life has changed forever. We have experienced the loss of one of the most beautiful human beings we have ever been blessed to know and share our lives.

There's really no words for the pain that's been going on since then. I lost the others I loved a lot in this life, but I did not regret the way I lost Dorian Boose, the father of my two sons (Brady and Taylor) and the great love of my life. But it is heaven and someday I will see it again. The word of God promises us this.

For those who read this, please know that it has brought us joy, much love and laughter, which we will always keep the most in the memory of our hearts and minds. In such a story, you often do not hear the beauty of the lost person. It was a lot of beauty and I need this to be known.

Since we have lost Dorian, we have come to know more and more about his life and those who have come along with him to help sustain and "save" him. I imagine that some of you who have read this have invested precious time in it because you have also seen the beauty of the soul and you know that everything about the spirit deserves to be saved.

For all, thank you very sincerely. Most of my gratitude to those who tried to help you is that she showed that our fathers were worthy of all your efforts, and that meant something to them. I can not thank you for that.

For Randy Spencer, you were our connection to everything in the early hours and days of Dorian's passing. Thank you for answering every question we had and every phone call I made. You answered above and beyond each time.

For Cpl. Bourque of the RCMP in Edmonton, who found Dorian in the streets for me after a single call on the phone and sent him a message of love and concern from his family and a reminder that God loving did not forget him. Please hear my heart when I say thank you for contacting him and telling him about his sons. I am deeply indebted to you for this.

The desire and prayer of our hearts is that if Dorian's story can be an influence to raise consciousness and change the way we see these stories about those who fall between the cracks, we would be grateful. And I think he too would be grateful for this opportunity.

May his death not be in vain, but as part of an agent of change, making a difference in the lives of others.

– Brenda Boose


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