Tuesday , April 20 2021

"Adventure" traveler from B.C. detained in Syria

VANCOUVER – A British Columbian man who went to Syria seeking adventure was detained in the war-ravaged country, and the Canadian Foreign Ministry said he could do nothing but help him.

The mother of Nanaimo, BC, said she had not been in contact for more than a month and was asking for help to get him home.

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Andrea Leclair told Canadian media that her 44-year-old son, Kristian Lee Baxter, sent her daily because she was worried after arriving in Syria on November 26, but she was silent after the last
message on December 1st.

Asked about Baxter, Global Affairs Canada has confirmed he is aware of a Canadian who was detained in Syria.

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But the department did not provide any further details and would not confirm its identity, invoking the Privacy Act.

The government has warned Canadians to avoid traveling to Syria since 2011, after the outbreak of a civil war that attracted foreign powers and gave rise to a multitude of militia, including a new Islamist terrorist group, leaving 500,000 dead behind.

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